DIY Spring Cottage Wreath

Tried my hand at a DIY spring wreath for the cottage this weekend. I am sometimes (ok, lots of times) weary of fake flowers, but pumped up on pinterest inspiration, encouragement from Mom, and armed with a grapevine wreath from Amazon ($13.99), I headed to Joann’s Fabric for flowers.   I looked for the most natural looking I could find.  Just like buying a fake anything, there are very good ones and very bad!  Overall avoid colors not in nature, and always grab a good bunch of greens.

Most wreath seems to have a side or bottom orientation, if you aren’t going for the all around look.   I went for bottom, with some rough balance on either side.  I left all my clusters clumped together.  Seemed how the Pioneer Woman might do it if she grabbed a bunch of lavender from her garden (in between  baking rhubarb pies and  casserole for a dinner of fifteen.)

Like everything, I would like the designer look but am hoping this project could be done in 20mins.  My advice for piecing it together would be to assemble the left and right clusters that will be beneath, and then choose a larger ‘cover up’ to go last over your hodge podge of wires and stems – in my case two white hydrangeas. Flower tape, green floral wire and wire clippers are the only other things you shall need.  Spring has sprung!



2015_04_12_DoorWreath03 2015_04_12_DoorWreath04