Isn’t She Lovely?

2011_04_04_craigslistchair010 Remember the $15 Pink Chair?  She’s all finished! And thank god I brought in professionals on this one!

First a big *thank you* to Lili at Burchell Upholstery who not only gave me a fair price on the reupholstering but found me an amazing remnant.   Yeah for REMNANTS! They are cheaper and it limits your choices, which in some cases is a good thing.  Sometimes there are too many pretty (and expensive!) fabrics to choose from.  Apparently just like carpet stores, upholstery shops have remnants, too, so ask! When Lili came out with this luxurious, neutral, chenille-ish fabric from a previous order, I thought ‘Let’s go with that lady’s great taste!’ I was thrilled with the final product and the craftsmanship was astounding.

Excuse the fuzzy picture…and the black sliders for the wood floor!

Vintage Chair Reupholstered
But…I knew something was off. Sort of like when I devastate my cute work outfit by putting on running shoes to get to work.  Even with new upholstery, the wood color made it look like she had on dorky shoes.  

So I decided to paint the legs white.  Do not copy me here!  Should I not have done this beforehand?  Thank god there were no accidents but taping, sanding, and painting  3 coats of glossy paint right up against the fancy new fabric was not ideal people!

Vintage Chair Painted White

But I think finally it all came together!  The Before:

And the AFTER!  Isn’t she lovely!?

Vintage Chair Painted White
Recap // Craigslist still rocks sometimes but you have to be patient for a deal which I hate.  Reupholstering is not something I can do myself so spent the bucks for professional BUT saved money on remnant fabric.  And finally paint or stain before putting on fabric!  Duh!