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Postcards from Costa Rica

Don’t normally blog about food & travel here, although I do love both.   I leave that to my fabulous friend Kate over at ToLoveandLucy.  Was excited to be asked to guest blog today sharing about my trip to Costa Rica!  So for the nitty gritty travel thoughts head over to the post!

On a personal note, it was such a profound reminder for me, that going away (near or far) is invaluable for perspective in my busy life. If you are fortunate enough to leave the country as well, which is rare for me, there is an added layer of being a bit more removed from technology that I had forgotten about. Costa Rica as a country was stunning, welcoming, proud and serene.  Even more than I expected.  It was easy to just BE present.  It isn’t my usual state to be sitting on a balcony thinking, ‘wow, look how yellow that bird is.’ Period.   Typically I would think, I hope he doesn’t fly into the window…are my windows clean? when did i last sweep the deck? should i be someone who had a bird feeder? Slowing the ticker tape brings such relaxation.  There is a phrase “Pura Vida”, which is commonly said in Costa Rica.  In short – ‘Life is wonderful, enjoy it!’




2014_09_22_CostaRica06  2014_09_22_CostaRica05