If you’ve have reached this page, we know you’ve got a question you’re dying to get answered, and checked off your to-do list.  We get it!   We promise to respond as fast as we can.


Email is always the best and the quickest way to reach us… Normally we are watching out on multiple devices so never fear your message is being read!


We love a good email subject, because we’re organization junkies AND they help prep us for your issue.  So if you are so inclined to write a descriptive subject like ‘Rush Order’, ‘Forgot to Include My Details’, or ‘Package Not Here, I’m Freaking Out’ it is truly appreciated!

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If you have questions about turnaround times or the ordering process, our CUSTOMER CARE page can give you instant satisfaction! If you are in the middle of a how-to crisis, check our TIPS AND TUTORIALS library for lots of step by steps!

Order Issues

Oh no…It’s a TYPO! For this reason, or any others, please email and include your order number so we can respond efficiently.   If this is a rush order, please put RUSH in the subject so we can be on high alert for timing!

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We love them. We live for them.  Please send.