Oh boy, Martha Glitters Pumpkins

This is another installment of Martha Stewart, “The Ridiculous vs. The Realistic” and my love-hate with her continues.  I always like to browse her ideas before a holiday for inspiration but more often than not she loses me half way through.  Maybe I could be the Half-Way Martha. These crafts must be for women who have no carpools, no jobs or no “insert-any-other-time-sucking-commitment-here.” This is the latest.  Glittering Your Own Pumpkins. Watch the video, it will suck you in, and fine, the result really is awesome.  If she would glitter them for me (and outside of my apartment) I would LOVE them for my table. But as I watched it all I was imagining was the dog stepping in a pile of spilt glitter and trailing it through every crevice of my home. I am way too OCD for this project.


But while searching around to see what else people do with pumpkins I stumbled upon the EASIEST and PRETTIEST idea and it never occurred to me.  To tie a rich, luxurious bow around the stem of the pumpkins and let it cascade down it.  Doesn’t this look great?  (Let’s ignore that this person also chose to glitter her own pumpkin) but I am thinking even without the glitter I will try this tonight. Maybe you can to.

2010_11__12_glitteredpumpkins05{Photo from NoFussFabulous.com}