Canvas Painting Pep Talk

I remember hearing a simple phrase ‘art heals’ a few years ago and couldn’t agree more.  Whether to simply bring down your stress level, turn off your brain for a bit, or work thru something bigger, art heals. Perhaps it’s the act of settling down and making time for yourself, or the happy brain waves released when playing with pretty colors.  I don’t do it nearly enough but this weekend I was inspired to break out the paints!

Aside from the feel good benefits of painting on a canvas, there is a practical one, too.  Whipping up a canvas can be a cheap, quick way to add some artwork to your decor!   Who else knows the exact dimensions and colors you need in a piece for that gapping whole above the dresser?  In case you need a boost of courage,  I put together some sweet & sane tips if to give you a nudge!

My first attempt at making a canvas years ago resulted in a minor temper tantrum.  I had bought a canvas almost as tall as me to fill a huge wall in my new apartment.  When it did not turn out perfect (i was shocked?)   I began carrying it to the trash in disgust.  In a last ditch effort to salvage it (or maybe to realize a little more tantrum!) I smeared the whole painting with a really large brush.  Low and behold I liked it and it’s still hanging HERE above my mantle.   Point being if this if your first rodeo there are lots of tiny canvases you can start with.  Not only are they in small & cute shapes but I’ve seen some under $5, so if you, too, become disgusted, you can throw it out and pretend it never happened.

I am sure real artists would scream but I wouldn’t over think supplies at this this point.  Grab a few brushes, and a small variety of paint colors that appeal to you. Remember you can mix colors so you will actually have a broader array than what you purchase. I like small bottles of accent colors, and bigger jars for staple colors. A range of brush sizes is nice, and again anything work –  some of my ones are crappy brushes from past projects. I have found that small watercolor paint tray comes in handy for dolling out your colors and for mixing.  Also cleans easily.  Finally water and paper towels on hand help.

{Product Photo: Blick Art}

Once you get going don’t over think it.  This is the art heals part – just relax and play.   Remember there aren’t any rules.  You can step away if you want, cover the entire thing with white and start over, make it smooth, make it gloppy, or (but hopefully not) walk it to the trash.   Try different techniques. Think about what colors and shapes make you happiest. The best thing about these paints is that you can go over your work a million times if need be – a big flat brush can always save the day too… (remember the big smear incident.)

If you didn’t have a place already mapped out, then when you are finished, walk it around a bit and try it out in different locations in the house.  If it’s smaller, try it on shelves, propped up on books, or leaning against other pieces on a dresser.

That’s if for my nudge  – Now GO FOR IT!  Still haven’t decided on a spot for this little Chevron girlie but am sure I will work her in somewhere.  And besides the healin’ was most of the point.  XOXO