Bumblebee Baby Shower

Home from a girls weekend to Charleston, SC.  Amidst shopping, eating and massages we squeezed in a surprise baby shower over lunch! Hope the Queen Bee felt spoiled as she should.  Taking this mini-shower on the road required a few tricks but the Bumblebee theme proved to be a winner and the yellow/grey is such a refreshing mix for a gender neutral theme.


The mini pendant sign worked perfectly.  If you are not sure you’ll have a blank wall for a banner, a mini-pendant is great.  I strung it ahead of time and grabbed a couple of glasses from the waitress.  One friend had the mission of bringing the Lemonheads to fill the glasses and add more color.  A bow around each lollipop stick (a straw would work, too!) and you’re all set.

The centerpiece revolved around the infamous beehives (tutorial here) which made it in one piece in my carry-on. Bees attached on site.  Napkins doubled as a great substitute for some tissue paper (a good call by a friend drafted for setup!) The lollipop sticks were wedged in and everyone snagged a “HE” or “SHE” for their drink depending on their guess!  And yes, I brought my own picture frame. Remember I was already carrying beehives at this point…

And yes, there were plenty of sweets, because that’s how this crowd rolls…mini cupcakes with yellow sprinkles, personalized Hershey minis, and of course jars of HONEY for favors!

{For a How-To on the hives and bees click here!}

Perhaps one of the most genius little gifts was a Queen Bee necklace from Dogeared.  So delicate and a great reminder of the weekend!  Congrats again to our Queen Bee!