Bubbly Bridesmaid Boxes

In the season of giving, going the extra mile is always so appreciated, And asking the bridal party to be part of the wedding is no exception! We’re celebrating these bridal boxes as a sweet gifting idea is definitely in order as we near December.

What started as a simple effort to pop the questions to some sweet bridesmaids turned in to much more. A box of goodies + some bubbly? Perfect!


If you’re completely stumped as to what your next creative gift could be, we’ve got you covered. Bridesmaid, best friend, mom, sister, or even a beer brand with some snacks, the possibilities are endless! We’ll start you off with “bridesmaid boxes” and you can let your creative juices flow from there.

So what goes into a Bubbly Bridesmaid Box? The good thing about this is that the possibilities are endless, and catering to the likes and loves of a dear friend are completely doable.   Not to mention the color combos are endless!

Some of our favorite suggestions:

  • A bottle of bubbly with a custom label of course! Decorative straws and ribbon always do the trick to dress your baby bubbly up.
    (See more ideas from our #HappyBottlesProject on the Tips & Inspiration page!)
  • A votive candle (Note our heart labels can add even more personalization!)
  • Nail Polish – and an oh so aesthetically appealing one like a neutral nude or pink!
  • A deliciously divine bar of soap (And if you pick it mainly for the wrapper, that’s perfectly okay, we often do, too!)
  • Chocolate. Sea salt. Almonds. Coconut. Enough said.
  • We also love those sparkly gold temporary tattoos by DayDream Prints!



If you’re making an Men’s Style Box for the Groomsman…

  • Wrap a label around his favorite brand of beer.
  • Add some munchies of any sort. Thank us later.
  • A key ring bottle opener is always handy.
  • Matching socks or ties for the big day are always fabulous.
  • A cigar for the late night toast.
  • And if you really want to get fancy a monogrammed flask!

Lisa Diederich Photography

So with generous hearts we wish you luck with your gift giving this season. Happy Holidays!