Brown Bag Gift Wrapping


Around the holidays, gift wrap, labels and ribbons bring me so much JOY.  I wish I could work in a department store for a month.  I always think I am overbuying. Until I unroll my fancy gift wrap to find out it will cover about a tenth of what I thought.  If you run out, or just feel like a simple rustic look, brown paper bags can come in handy.  Today’s tiny holiday tip, round up those brown paper bags!  You’ll be bringing home a lot this season between the department stores and the groceries.  Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods work, and colored department store bags are often plain brown inside.  And there are always the Bloomies bags!


Just cut them up and wrap using the inside as the outside.  Small packages look especially cute this way.  Try Baker’s twine for a little old fashioned package look.   Slip a sprig of greenery on the top or a tag and you are all set.



To a Sweet & Sane holiday!