Bridesmaid note card

Bridesmaid Note Cards

Am very very excited about this post.  This is new for me!  It’s my first time putting my watercolor artwork out there AND on stationery – ah!  The entire stationery world, envelopes, and paper weights seems daunting to me, and I have focused most of Sweet Sanity on labels as we’ve grown.  But I just couldn’t resist any longer.  This was my first experience taking one of my watercolors and turning into a print.  So exciting to see it come to life.

Our personalized bridesmaid labels have been so popular that it seemed natural to start there.   Every bride thinks about that moment when she is going to ask her friends and family to be in the wedding and wants it to be special.   I was inspired to make something versatile. Something sweet and simple that could work whether you were asking your maid of honor, your bridesmaids, or the flower girl.  Even if you wanted to simply express gratitude for someone’s support. There are so many people that surround us with love during the wedding planning.  And it seems between the showers, dinners and brunches there are plenty of times a thank you note comes in handy.  These flat cards are perfect for jotting down a thank you note or popping the question to a bridesmaid. Or even could be sweet for Dad…

 WatercolorIDo_Navy03 WatercolorIDo_Pink01 WatercolorIDo_Pink02 WatercolorIDo_Pink03 WatercolorIDo_Robbin03