Being An Adult

My Mom sent this to me today. She probably found it on Pinterest. She is lapping me in pins by the minute. It made me laugh (and whimper inside)  because it summed up how I feel this week.  Maybe you’re with me.

It’s been an overwhelming week but for the general reasons; lots of work, catching up, checking off much needed appointments, etc. But still, overwhelmed.  What happens when I get overwhelmed is I make mistakes….like sending favor labels to a client with the wrong shower date.  I HATE making mistakes. Or forgetting things.  It’s not in my nature to forget things so when I leave the house without my phone I know it’s time to reevaluate….

It’s times like this, when I am trying to figure out how to revamp, pull back, and delegate that I wish someone else could tell me what to do.  That someone else would just ‘be the adult’ and lead me by the hand while I got to stay in my pajamas. I think when energy is low, when it’s zero degrees outside (again) and one more hiccup happens, it is natural to feel like this!

But annoyingly I know it has to come from me. I have to set the boundaries, delegate, and be the adult.  Blech.   No one can tell you when to stop breastfeeding, if you should plan a vacation, if you should put your sick dog down, or if you should call in a ‘mental health day.’  No one can choose for you how you want to spend your weekend, or if you deserve the boots that you want   We have to lay out our own pavement on that little road in front of us. Blech.

I am not sure I can file this post under ‘Inspiration.’ But maybe just the collective ah-ha that we are all in the same boat sometimes IS the inspiration!  For now I just want to get in my bed and eat some candy.  At least it’s Friday and there is no school tomorrow!!   XOXO