bee blessed

Baptism Touches

June seemed to a big baptism month!  Did lots of prayers cards in the shop and saw a few posts from friends of little ones with family gathered round for the big day. I’m a sucker for a long christening dress ~ especially when the family tradition is to past it down through the generations, as was in my family.  Even the little boys wore it which might have been the cutest thing ever.

I was invited to one ceremony this month and immediately thought ‘gift?’ (yes, I know, shocking.) Monetary gifts are always an option, or small gifts of faith like a cross or rosary.  But for this family I wanted something that they might be able to incorporate into the nursery.  Something for the parents and baby.  I decided to dash up to my printer and create a new Bee Print…this time BEE BLESSED. It turned out so sweet in a big white frame and all wrapped up with a bow.  So now I am sharing them with you all!

Available in the Shop in two color options ‘Blush’ and ‘Water’

And just in case you are the HOST to one of these little blessed events coming up, a reminder of some items in the shop to commemorate the day!   Both prayer cards and favor stickers can be customized with fonts, colors and pattern!