Ballard Designs Garden Mirrors

Remember my Ballard Design blast awhile about the wing chair order cancellation? Well, am back with a positive post!  Ballard Designs must have the fastest search engines on the planet because the second my negative post went up an email arrived in my inbox.  A very nice gentleman, Mr. T told me he would like to discuss my experience.  This was no problem.

Mr. T patiently listened to my story, which is just what I wanted.  The chair debacle had left me so worked up I would have told my taxi driver the story.  I got all of my points across and he shared some of the companies challenges on his end, all very interesting.  He also gave me a gift certificate to bring me back.  Now THAT’S good customer service!

When the next fun catalog arrived I now felt like browsing again. I focused in on this wall above my little dining table.  I painted these red canvases shortly after moving in.  It was during a moment of ‘i need something on that wall, how hard can it be to put paint on a canvas?’

But I am over them, especially as most the red accents have left the building…



I love an excuse to use a gift card. I found lots of things I liked, but spied these Garden District Mirrors that I kept coming back to.

I liked the slightly worn look and the metal that seemed to go well with both golds or silvers.  So ordered two pairs!

Not only did they arrive early but they were in perfect condition and exceeded my expectations.  No, Mr. T didn’t make me say that.  I do really love them in my space.  It sorts of opens it all up and reflects back the windows and big tree into the space!

Ballard Design Garden District Mirror

I took my time measuring and hanging (and spacing) and wrote it all out.  It was tedious but even all that was probably only 1hour.  Excuse my reflection and the golf on tv – I find golf soothing on Saturday afternoons!  I’m not really loving the table anymore but doesn’t that always happen when you change one thing?

Ballard Design Mirrors

So that’s the latest purchase.  All hail great customer service!