Baby Shower Due Date Calendar

Have two friends with babies arriving any minute and one that just arrived so have due dates on the brain.  While guests are snacking and the Mommy-To-Be is unwrapping, it’s fun to have games at the Baby Shower.  A Due Date Guessing Calendar is cute and easy to pass around. Everyone guesses the due date. Have each person sign their name on the date that they think the little one is coming.  It makes a sweet keepsake for Mommy as well and is easily slipped into a picture frame after the shower.

“This was a hit and a great keepsake. We have about 27 days left and we are all excited to see who will win!”

Sweet Sanity can make your calendar in a range of colors and patterns from our swatch lists, as well as add a character to help pull together your theme.  Also available as a pdf file or printed for you! Typically we do a three week calendar with a healthy amount of days on either side, but we can do 4 weeks too! Shop