baby shower labels

Diaper Bag Baby Shower

Every girl needs a purse she loves and I don’t see why a fabulous diaper bag should be any different.  That thought inspired my latest design idea for a baby shower sticker – the Diaper Bag!    And a trendy one full of goodies to boot.  Was able to see it in action for a shower for Soon-To-Be-Mommy Janet, so thanks to Hostess Lizzy for letting me drop in!

Details in pink and purple (yes, it’s a girl!) and a mix of chevron and stripe patterns
kept it fun and current from the favors to the water bottles.

Was particularly in love with the idea below. Little girlie socks stuffed with tissue to fill them and hung from the chandelier over the lunch buffet.  They looked so cute you just wanted to squeeze them!

Diaper bag stickers adorned the popcorn mix favors (that included pink and purple M&Ms of course) with a little note …. GOODIES TO TOTE HOME!      {Find the recipe for the mix at the end if you are interested.}

Pink striped straws topped off the shower with purple cups full of pink lemonade!

Needless to say this idea for a baby shower could go on and on…
1) Perhaps a diaper bag shaped-cake (oh yes, google it, they are out there!)
2) Maybe a group gift for the Mommy-To-Be ~  a new diaper bag filled with all the necessities to start her off?
3) A game or raffle filling up a diaper bag with ‘Wishes for Baby” or ‘Wisdom for Mom’?

Hope this sets gets you brainstorming and gives you a new ideas for a twist on the typical Baby Shower themes!

Popcorn Mix Recipe {from the Hostess}:
I took two microwave bags of popcorn and put them in a large bowl, poured over some melted white chocolate (I used a glass bowl over a boiling pot to get the white chocolate chips melted) then poured it over the popcorn, mixed and added colored M&Ms at the end. It was actually easy, I thought I’d have to mix for much longer, but everything incorporated very well!