Acrylic Tray with Chevron Fabric

The happy little zig-zag print known as Chevron has been popping up everywhere for awhile, and YES I am still not over it.  Whether on  a rug or a bikini top I can’t get enough…

Chevron Pattern {Photos: Rug from West Elm, Bikini from Net-A-Porter, Invites from Pencil Shavings Paper,
Elephant Dress from BittyBambu, Pillow from Decidely Chic and Clutch from
A03 Designs.}

What usually happens when I have a mini-obsession is that those in my gift-giving line of fire that month get to experience it, too.  I thought a fun gift might be an Acrylic Tray with Chevron Fabric on the bottom.  Since there was no way I could choose just one color from all the fun combos at Premier Prints, Inc I decided that each tray would arrive with fabric options to give them the chance to slip in the one they liked best (or swap out occasionally!)

It was really stumbling on these trays that got me thinking of this gift in general. They are nice and long and heavy. From Container Store in two sizes.  I traced out with a pencil where to cut  down the fabric and then gently used good pair of scissors as to not fray the edges.

Chevron Acrylic Tray
And the finished product!  Everything just looks cuter sitting inside of it.  Even my bills would probably look sweet waiting in here….And, yes, I did make one for myself.  For testing purposes of course. Enjoy!

Chevron Fabric
Chevron Pattern Acrylic Tray