4-14-18 Kerry Kobe Branding Session
Chicago, IL
I’m KERRY BINARD.  The owner of Sweet Sanity.  I was raised a Virginia girl, spent a couple decades in my beloved City of Chicago and now I’m back in Virginia. (Long Story!)


I’ve always found myself juggling seemingly unconnected worlds.  My best example? Managing cybersecurity for my firm while building an online champagne label business at night.  But our stories do unfold (eventually!) and I’m told clarity comes from doing.


Here are some of the things I’ve learned by doing:

    • Graphic Design
    • Website Design
    • eCommerce Platforms
    • Etsy Shop Management
    • Email Marketing
    • Print Formatting

    • Interior Renovations
    • Coworking Space Design
    • AirBnB Hosting
    • Video Editing
    • Branding
    • Social Media Content Creation

    • 3D Design
    • Software Integrations
    • Business Operations
    • Cybersecurity
    • Online Course Creation


4-14-18 Kerry Kobe Branding Session
Chicago, IL

I believe making your surroundings into something you love is ALWAYS worth it. It can offer you a little sanity - and is sometimes the key to survival!

No matter what your life’s circumstances, how long you’ll be there, or how big or small the transition, opening the door, rounding a corner, or passing by a nook that makes you calm and happy does wonders for the soul. It can help you move forward even when you don’t know where you’re headed.  Through happy times and the most trying of times our homes are our sanctuaries.  Now more than ever you deserve that feeling of organization, calmness and joy over your space! Learn about our SPACE DESIGN SERVICES.



4-14-18 Kerry Kobe Branding Session
Chicago, IL
We have launched our new Gallery Wall Service!   They aren’t only something to drool over in a great hotel or restaurant, although often I do.  Gathering all the pieces of art you love, family photos and mementos you’ve held onto and combining them in an organized yet artistic way  reflects back to you all of your best memories, while bringing distinction to your space.   However, pulling it all together can be a bear!  That’s why I am here.  Together we will make a wall that makes you squeal!  HOW IT WORKS.



Sweet Sanity started in 2009 as a design shop on Etsy.   It was never my day job.  I offered custom stickers and bottle labels to help brides and hosts personalize their events. My mission was to give clients stylish details that gave them a boost without adding stress.  My goal was to hit 10,000 orders on Etsy.


Years later after the universe dropped countless wonderful lessons and people in my path, we had designed, printed and shipped 10,000 packages to 10,000 clients who had 10,000 events we were part of.  The clients + friends I have made thru this endeavor carved out a whole new path to my existence.  And I’m forever grateful.  It was quite a path of breadcrumbs – Story in Short here.
A past customer still looking for those old goodies? Ok, fine, we’re still around!

I owe my path to so many mentors, blogs, a nightstand full of books, and endless conversations with amazingly brilliant (and funny!) people in my life. Always open to connect!


After moving to the Eastern Shore of Virginia,  I was ready to apply all my experience to entrepreneurial ventures. Slow internet frustrations forced me to venture out for other spots to work. It was then I realized how much I missed what I was accustomed to in Chicago; inspiring spaces where you could feel the energy of working beside and meeting with other entrepreneurs.  After joining a few others who noticed the same need in our rural area, theGIG was founded after receiving a Grant from the State of Virginia.


If we aren’t coming back from Home Depot with more supplies for our never ending home renovation,  you’ll find my husband and I working on our companies in our home office garage (Studio G!) and his two children (Step-Mom in training!) running out to see when we are making dinner.  A craft cocktail and a brief moment on the dock is encouraged daily… and key to survival.