Your mind is thinking of a million details at the same time, there are goals you’re hoping to hit along the way, and even moments when you wish you could sit on the curb for a minute.  You seem to be running out of time and it’s all on you. I’d like to be a little stop along the way…your paper-cup-of-water at mile ‘I need some help!’   I can’t run the race for you (sorry, bad knees!) but I can help you take a deep breath, get some clarity on the details, catch up on time, and refuel on inspiration for the rest of the run.  (And we’re celebrating with bubbles at the finish line, right?)


I help brides and party hosts personalize their events with stylish and sensible details. Sweet Sanity is a design studio offering custom stickers, bottle labels, and other impactful touches to give your celebration creativity, style, and organization.  My mission is simple: help get your creativity onto the table, so you can experience all the excitement and pride from seeing it there, without needing a week in Cabo to recover from getting it there. Creative touches don’t have to be monumental to bring joy.

I never thought ‘EASY TO WORK WITH’ sounded that earth shattering, but now it’s the comment I am most excited to hear from clients.  I think about our operations constantly   and responsiveness is a pet peeve (hello? is anyone out there?).  So if working with me makes your life easier, I’m doing my job. Be prepared for chatter about your order and client service with common sense!

Just so you know, there are real (and witty) people behind the curtain
who might be more obsessed with how your labels turned out than even you.

Originally from Northern Virginia, she’s called Chicago home for what feels like a zillion years now. She's a graduate of Notre Dame (Go Irish!) and received her MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship from Northwestern University. She loves her old home in the city, where she lives with her mini dachshund Toby Kobe.



Cathy is our proofing & shipping guru! She zips thru the streets of Chicago, rain or shine (or snow!) to pick up your orders on Tuesday and Thursdays and bundles them up with love and care! She interacts weekly with the hardworking crew at our local print shop in Chicago who’ve been with me since I decided I'd had enough of paper jams at home!



Senior Designer & Right Hand Girl, she tried out half of Chicago's amazing neighborhoods before heading out to conquer the suburbs! She holds a BFA (and amazing memories) from University of Illinois at Champaign, where she met her kilt-wearing Scottish husband. She loves gettin' crafty and helping Sweet Sanity brides do the same!



Toby is faithfully underfoot, very often in the attic office weighing in on critical business decisions. He is opinionated on patterns, but tends to take long naps during busy season. He'll tell you that self care should be numero uno. He may also tell you we accept bacon payments in place of credit cards. This is untrue.


Lindsey Epifano

Our creative go-getter, social media and design intern churning out ideas from way out West! Studying Advertising and Food Studies at University of Oregon, she plans to let those juices flow into some beautiful designs somewhere (hopefully!) warmer. She loves to hand-letter and hike the gorgeous PNW for fun, as well as take photos of her most recent foodie endeavor.


My Story


I so wish we could do this over coffee but here goes!   I’m Kerry Kobe.  I’ve felt a creative tug since my mini-me days. Oh, and organization, I love organization.  I remember the pink file cabinet my Dad built me in grade school. Growing up in Virginia gave me that touch of southern influence; a love of timeless, classic design, of all seasons, and furniture with a story. I grew up multi-passionate, with a love for craft projects and paper products (elementary school teacher Mom!) and power tools and techie toys (engineer Dad!)  This mix allowed me to appreciate so much, but felt like a tug-of-war, too. After college, I built a successful career at a financial firm as a corporate technology professional.  A few years ago, my left brain was happily chugging along at my day job and wrapping up my MBA at night.  But my right brain needed a place to play.  Freelance web design projects had opened me up to the world of graphic design.  I was finally inspired to get back in touch with my creativity.


In 2009 I opened my Etsy Shop.  I was restless to have something of my own. My shop was full of things I had done for my college crowd over the years.  I spent hours on my shop, photographing my products, devouring business books and wrestling paper jams out of my printer. I feel strongly that creativity – in so many forms – can bring such a deep contentment and sense of knowing ourselves. It seemed the more I got in touch with my creativity, and passion for owning a business, the more authentic and peaceful I felt ~ and the more Sweet Sanity seemed to blossom.


At the heart of it I love to connect.  Sharing your in your happiest moments, and even the stressful bits, too, is such a honor – Cheers to a Sweet & Sane event!

XOXO – Kerry



Where We’re Headed

No matter what your life’s circumstances, how long you’ll be there, big or small changes, I believe making your surroundings into something you love is ALWAYS worth it.  Opening the door to a space that makes you calm and happy does wonders for the soul, and can help you move forward even when you don’t know where you’re headed.  And if you’re staging for guests it does wonder for them, too!  My Styling + Staging services are now available as well, and I’d love to hear about your latest project and if I can help!


Neck-in-neck with designing….my heart fills up talking to others about their entrepreneurial dreams.   I owe my path to so many mentors, blogs, a nightstand full of books, and endless conversations with amazingly lovely and brilliant people in my life. Always available for talks on what’s worked for me and what hasn’t, and open to collaborations as well! Email Me Here.