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A New Year: What Worked

2013 was really nice year…No world traveling or big life events, but a serene soulful year. Life always feel like an insane bustle from one thing to the next but this year felt a touch more calm. I took a moment the other day to look over last year’s calendar and see if I could figure out what I seemed to do more of to keep that going.  I took more time out for me this year, meditating, choosing to spend time (in person, on the phone, email and even social media!) with the people in my life that really feed my soul, and letting myself enjoy things.  Also big time work on living more authentically!  It’s a big shift. So here’s my keep it up list for 2014…

Live Authentically
Feed the Soul
Be Kind
Work Hard
Enjoy Fun
Celebrate Success

Just towards the end of the year, I slipped in something that put 2013 over the edge.  I bought myself a little cottage.  I have dreamed about doing this for awhile, thinking, planning, saving – but I still couldn’t really believe it was happening even as I was going thru the motions.  My friend likes to say “Things are easy when you are doing what the universe wants you to do.”  I am in LOVE and grateful for the courage to do it.  I can’t wait to love on her (yes, it’s a she) and make her a place of serenity and escape from the hustle & bustle of my life and for others. I hope to not only cultivate my own inspiration here but have more sweet and sane ideas to share as it gets some TLC. Not going to show more photos until she’s got her makeup on!!! Introducing the Beach Blossom Cottage…  XOXO